Canard de Barbarie/Muscovy duck


  •  Muscovy ducks originate from South America. Since it doesn’t need to have a fat layer to insulate from cold climates, its meat is the leanest of all.
  • Mucovy duck gives a higher yield with 50% more breast meat than any other breed.
  • The breast meat of a Muscovy duck is 90% lean.
  • The skin of a Muscovy duck contains half the fat and has fewer calories than that of Peking or Mallard duck breeds.
  • Overall, Muscovy duck is leaner and has fewer calories than turkey!Take the word of the French National Institute for Agronomical research (INRA)1: “Muscovy duck’s meat is lean (breast meat is only 2% lipids) and it is reach in poly-insaturated fatty acids. It is considered to be a red meat, unlike chicken”.

Muscovy duck is so easy to prepare! You can try all kinds of exotic recipes, but you owe it to yourself to try this fool-proof recipe. For a 3 kilos duck, cook in the oven at 95°C (200°F) for 9 hours in a covered oven dish. Do not add any liquid or spices. The meat will fall off the bones, and it’s taste is exquisite. The lower cooking temperature allows to retain more of the nutritional value of the meat.

Our ducks’ feed is entirely organic WITHOUT any chemical fertiliser, pesticides, GMO grains (genetically modified organisms) steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, colouring, animal by-products, medicated feed, chemically extracted feed, or synthetic feed.

We respect the timing of Mother Nature: our ducks are raised for 100 to 120 days (comparatively the majority of Peking ducks are fattened for 40 to 45 days only) which allows them to reach full maturity. We insure that their feed is balanced by mixing and grinding their feed at the farm from carefully selected ingredients.

1. Institut National de la recherche agronomique (INRA), 37380 Nouzilly, 1995, Prod. Anim., 8 (2), 117-125.