Harvest Festival 5th Edition, 25th Anniversary of the Morgan Farm, Sunday, October 12, 2014


Get ready for the 5th Annual Harvest Festival! This year, for the 25th anniversary of the farm, the theme will be “gypsy”. Your disguises always contribute to amplify the festive atmosphere! You are our best allies in the success of this annual celebration! Contact us for more information.

Creative and educational programming for the whole family!!! Doors open at 11 AM.

• geese race

• conference on agroforestry with Greenpeace

• Guided tours of the farm

• diversified market

• Inauguration of the Earthship greenhouse

• Animation

• Conference on edible forest with Wen Rolland

• Organic food bar

• A musical night with “Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra”

• A DJ in the late evening.

• Bonfires

• Etc …

Come to the farm to have fun with us, rain or shine!