About us

At Morgan Farm we do our best to go “beyond organic” by feeding our beef only grass (without fattening them with grains) and integrating some permaculture principles to our operations.

Established in 1988, Morgan Farm is one of Quebec’s first organic farms. Founded by visionary John Bastian and now administered by his wife Janice Blanke and the Morgan Farm Team.

We live here and work together in the different areas of the farm’s operation which include taking care of the animals, the gardens, the grasslands, and grazing lands, the kitchen, the store, the markets. We are also working on implementing ways to make the farm more environmental friendly… and to prepare for our future projects.

  • The sky is the limit when it comes to our pending projects.  In the near future we are planning for:
    – Eco-village,
    – trails in the forest for walk and snow-shoeing,
    – a reception room for catering at the farm, to host group visits, lectures and workshops…
    We are open to ideas and sustainable projects…

Meet our team: (by date of arrival on the farm)


I was born in Germany and came to Canada after I visited it in 1960. I really like Canada, its vastness and freedom of space. I’ve always liked working on a farm. As a child my favorite vacations where those where I went to work on my uncle’s farm. I’ve even studied to become an “accomplished farmer” a study course that was given in Germany at the time. After a successful business career, I’ve come back to the land and united my love for the farm with my desire to live in good health. I strongly believe that organic food should come as a priority for anyone wishing to live healthfully and fully.


I was born on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin.  We had organic fruit, herbs and vegetable gardens, ducks, chickens and fresh eggs, our own meats, plus fresh raw milk to drink and tons of cream to make our butter.  We also made our own bakery goods, canning and freezing, plus so much more.  We still had time to go fishing, play baseball or lay on a tree branch watching the storms coming—it was a wonderful life in all ways, even if we complained about the work!  Because I was raised in Nature, I grew up with an awareness of ‘health’ and with an adamant respect for all the elements and forms in Mother Nature’s entire array of life—both inert and animate.  Ever since, I have orientated my life work towards health, primarily by exercising a complete and total Trust of our body’s innate potential for recovery—mentally, physically and spiritually.  I believe that our wellbeing begins by acknowledging our magnificence as a human being and seeing That in each and every other person.  Due to my health-focused professional background, I presently see clients here at the farm, using a holistic approach which unifies many disciplines.